Monday, August 11, 2008

SSH Tunnel Using Putty

How to make a secure tunnel from your personal computer using SSH. It's compatible with your ssh client software like putty.

The step is :
1. Lauch your putty. We'll try insert code on cmd console.
"putty -D 3128 -C"

2. Set your proxy on Internet Explorer options using Socks proxy. "Localhost" for proxy address, and 3128 for Port number.

3. Done! Starting your browser using Sock Proxy and make your surf anonymously.

Note :
-D options will create dynamic port on your localhost / personal pc.
-C options requests compression of all data. Compression is desirable on modem lines and other slow connections, but will only slow down things on fast networks.

Let me know if you are done.

Good Luck.

Reference :
man ssh,, Putty document

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aditya dp said...

SSH servernya say apa mas, saya pake windows xp, bingung, apa itu sama semua nanti pas masukin di cmd.exe